From the Artistic Director

March 6, 2018


Dear Friends,

It seems fitting that the end of one chapter in the journey of Peter’s Alley is full of new beginnings. Speech and Debate marks the final production for our company at Theatre on the Run.  After twelve productions in five and a half years, we have been “weeded out” of the Arlington Arts grant program and when our current grant cycle ends in June, we will be heading for more positive and exciting venues. This quirky little black box,  those who manage it and the local Arlington community who have supported our work will be missed, but we have no choice but to move on!


And what better way to begin the start of the next chapter than with a production that includes an entire cast of young actors making their Peter’s Alley Debut , along with two designers working with us for the first time on a project with material and scenic design that is fresh, edgy and innovative.  Speech and Debate is about 3 teens, square pegs who don’t fit neatly into the round holes of high school society, but it’s REALLY about any one of us, whether we are experiencing that difficult, confusing time in our lives known as adolescence right now or if this time is a distant, or not so distant memory.  It’s Tony winner Stephen Karam’s darkly humorous articulation of that painfully awkward (and often painfully funny)borderland between late adolescence and adulthood,  when we are just trying to figure out who we are and find others with whom we can confide and trust. And more relevent than ever,  Speech and Debate explores the struggle to own our individuality comfortably in a world that does not often embrace it. It’s a play about teenagers for the teenagers in all of us. And there’s music!


So, like the characters in Speech and Debate, Peter’s Alley  has now reached its adolescence and we are looking forward  to a period of transition and new adventures! 2018 will be a year of growth and expansion and I am most excited about what the future will hold for my small but mighty company.For now, I do hope you will support us by attending a performance of Speech and Debate–we will need all the help (and money) we can get as we take our next steps!


Beginning this Spring, we will launch new educational offerings that include workshops, and private coaching opportunities for actors of all levels. And although this production will be our last of the year,  I will be freelancing as a Director at several local area theater companies, and wherever I go, so does the Peter’s Alley mission and I remain committed to producing premier quality theater and providing opportunities for local artists to practice their craft in a nurturing and collaborative environment. So I hope you will keep your eye out for our  future projects and continue to support Peter’s Alley wherever it may be.



Aly B. Ettman
Founding Artistic Director

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